HALTMEIER GREAT DANES…. Bettering the Great Dane breed for over fifty years

Established in 1967 by Pat and Bob Haltmeier, this kennel has been breeding and showing Great Danes in American Kennel Club shows for over half a century.

Haltmeier Great Danes are always pets first, and many have also been trained and certified as Therapy Dogs.

As active members of the Great Dane Club of America since 1970, the Haltmeier Family has been part of the history of this incredible breed both in the US and in many countries abroad, where the Haltmeier Dane kennel is well known for the superior quality, temperament and large size in this giant breed that comes from generations of highly selective breeding.

As Haltmeier Great Danes plans for each breeding based on the opportunity to better the breed, the selection of dogs and bitches to breed is a careful process. When puppies are available, first selection will often go to the breeder, with subsequent selections to homes that have previously owned a Haltmeier Great Dane.

As pets first, these smart, beautiful show dogs have enlivened hundreds of homes over the past five decades from coast to coast and across the globe. To have a Haltmeier Great Dane is to have a friend for life.

Haltmeier Great Danes have appeared in commercials and print advertising since the 1980’s. They have been featured in music videos and as artist’s subjects, and continue to be in demand for situations that require the very largest dogs with the best temperament possible.

For more information please contact pat.hdanes@gmail.com.