Great Dane Monthy Magazine, " A Look Back"....

30 years ago, Sept 1982 Pat Haltmeier and Barbara Steinbacher Delane started a new magazine. Our goal was to get the win results, win photos and local gossip out to the Dane Fancy ASAP. Unlike today, it took to long for all this info to get around the country, the other magazines were bi-monthly. It was hard work to get each monthly issue out on time, wish we had waited for the computer age to appear. We did it , and enjoyed the end results.. Hope you do too. Thank you to Barbara Dalene, Ann Steinbacher, columnists, writers and advertisers. There will be one issue posted each month until the entire one a half years of " Great Dane Monthly" magazine is on my website....Pat Haltmeier

September 1982

October 1982

CH. Haltmeier's Egoiste "Ego"

Ch. Haltmeier's American Idol v Wisdom (both danes)


Haltmeier's R Main Squeeze TD in an ad for Paul Mitchell shampoo.

Haltmeier's R Main Squeeze TD in an ad for J. C. Penny.





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